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GARANT - Planters (5)

Planters are an easy way to add life to your yard without having to engage in a full landscaping project. All you need to set them up are hooks and brackets, soil, and either seed or growing flowers. Decorative planters come in a variety of designs, from those that mount under windows to larger ones you can place in a border around the grass or on your patio. Place garden pots and saucers in between planters to provide a variety of shapes and colours to add an interesting twist to your designs.
Update the look of a garden, windowsill, or patio with the wide assortment of planters from Rona. They’re made of sturdy materials such as plastic, polypropylene, wood, and metal to coordinate with many decor styles. Select round, square, and rectangular shapes to suit the space. Some outdoor planters are freestanding, while others are attachable to railings to add a touch of greenery or flowers to porches, and apartment or condo balconies.

Hanging baskets and decorative planters also enhance the visual appeal of a home or office. Browse styles with unique themes ideal for adding a special touch to modern, farmhouse, and traditional decor. There are outdoor planters with integrated trellises, or trellis screens for growing plants and flowers with winding vines.

Green thumb enthusiasts will appreciate the assortment of small greenhouse planters to grow an array of plants, flowers, and even fruits and vegetables. Some include a cover kit to protect plants, and feature a wall-hugging design, making them ideal for small spaces. Many are deep in the back and shallow in the front, allowing users to grow plants, greens, fruits, and herbs in the same space. Some feature an elevated design to prevent weed growth and alleviate pests. Their working height makes them easy to tend.

Business offices can use attractive and functional decorative planters with attached benches for clients and customers. Surround guests with gorgeous flowers and tropical plants to make them feel comfortable. You’ll also find foldable models that are just right for growing seasonal vegetables or flowers. Close them up for easy storing when not in use.

Look for convenient planter features such as attached shelves to hold gardening accessories, or drainage systems that prevent standing water. You’ll find a large variety of gardening accessories such as seeds, gardener hand tools, and gardening apparel. Finish off a lawn, patio, or deck with outdoor furniture, dining sets, umbrellas, and bird baths to create a cosy and inviting space for friends and family. Ideal for commercial and residential use, planters from Rona come in all shapes, size, and colours to handle most any planting job.
3-Container Modular Garden - Red icon-wishlist
3-Container Modular Garden - Red
Article #01235691
Garant - Built-In Drip Tray Modular Garden -  Greige icon-wishlist
Garant - Built-In Drip Tray Modular Garden - Greige
Article #01235719
3-Container Modular Garden - Grey icon-wishlist
3-Container Modular Garden - Grey
Article #01235690
3-Piece Raised Garden - HDR - Greige icon-wishlist
3-Piece Raised Garden - HDR - Greige
Format 3SF
Article #86585050
Garant Planter - 24" - White icon-wishlist
Garant Planter - 24" - White
Format 24"
Article #54815107