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POLYMOS - Winter Protection (3)

Shield your plants against colder temperatures with garden winter protection devices, keeping roses and other specimens thriving year after year. Cones made of polystyrene keep out chilling breezes and are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit neatly over different species. There are also lawn covers featuring materials like burlap to place on top of grass or wrap around shrubs and evergreen trees, acting as protective barriers and ground covers against the cold. We have the lawn winter protection tools and other garden accessories your home needs.
Large Rose cone icon-wishlist
Large Rose cone
Format 17.5"x14"
Article #1764001
Small Rose cone icon-wishlist
Small Rose cone
Format 14x11"
Article #1764002
X-Large rhododendron cone icon-wishlist
X-Large rhododendron cone
Format 21.5x26"
Article #1764004