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GREEN CROSS - Seeds (3)

Restore lawn to a lush and healthy green with the right seeds. Rona offers many species, providing options that thrive in different climates and soils. Give them a boost with feed and fertilizers, or choose grass seeds with a fertilizer already in the mix. Look for grass seed with absorbent coatings to make watering easier, or find species that grow densely. Also look for garden seeds to grow flowers and vegetables, as well as greenhouses and seedlings for additional planting options.
Outdoor living requires several things to make it comfortable: a nice lawn to walk on, pretty flowers to look at, and vegetables to eat. Each of these is obtainable with the right start for the desired result. Use seeds to create a beautiful lawn, to grow tasty vegetables, and for flowers to brighten the view.

Working on the lawn may take a considerable amount of grass seeds. Whether you need to start a new lawn from scratch or are filling in bare spots, a variety of solutions are on hand for the job. Available in bags ranging from 1 to 11 lbs., there is a bag to cover every grass seeding need. Mix with soil and soil amendment products to build the perfect foundation for a healthy lawn. Various types of grasses are on offer from a variety of brands for thicker lawns or to accommodate high or low temperatures.

For growing the plants that fill the garden with lovely flowers and good food, look for garden seeds. These are available in a large variety, from tomatoes and corn to squash and onions. Adding soil amendment products is recommended for garden plants and for higher vegetable yields. Use planting pots to grow starter seedlings in areas prone to late frosts or to start seedlings early.

Garden seeds are also available for flowering plants such as poppies, snapdragons, and nasturtiums. Creating the perfect yard so you can enjoy the outdoors is easy when you choose a variety of seeds to satisfy lawn, flower, and vegetable requirements. Follow the seasonal instructions on the packages to ensure optimum growth and to make sure you water and feed the plants as needed. Making a beautiful landscape to pass the day in or a delicious dinner to enjoy with family is easy with Rona.
Green Cross(R) Grass Seed - Sun and Shade - 11 lb icon-wishlist
Green Cross(R) Grass Seed - Sun and Shade - 11 lb
Format 5KG
Article #12675395
Green Grass Seed - Sun and Shade - 4.4 lb icon-wishlist
Green Grass Seed - Sun and Shade - 4.4 lb
Format 2KG
Article #12675394
Scotts(R) Grass Seed - Sun and Shade - 2.2 lb icon-wishlist
Scotts(R) Grass Seed - Sun and Shade - 2.2 lb
Format 1KG
Article #12675393