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NATURE CRAFT - Small Gardening Tools (4)

Maintain gardens of all sizes and other outdoor vegetation with small gardening tools from Rona. A collection of wheelbarrows and garden carts includes models with flat-free tires for simple transport and leg stabilizers for balance. 

Garden hand tools such as sharp pruners provide a comfortable grip and reduce hand fatigue because of the double-coated handle. Angled cutting heads provide an ergonomic solution for hard-to-reach areas in the garden, and coating on the blades helps prevent rust. Use extendable shears and pruning tools to keep branches on trees and shrubs under control and looking tidy.
Small gardening tools help you accomplish the various tasks needed to make a lawn and garden beautiful. They differ from larger accessories, such as leaf rakes because you can use them all one-handed. Garden hand tools are compact enough to carry with you, even while working on large properties.

Tools for working on trees include clippers and shears. Designed for lopping offshoots and branches, they allow you to optimize growth for aesthetics and to prevent branches from sagging. Bypass shears are gardening accessories with curved blades that allow you to apply force to a greater area of the branch. This gives you greater cutting power with less effort. Larger hedge clippers have longer blades and are suitable for shaping topiary and making your hedges level. Small saws and hooks are useful for cutting off branches that are too thick for loppers.

There is a wide selection of gardening supplies available for use on the ground. Trowels are useful for digging holes to plant. Weeders pop out thistles and other unwanted plants by the roots, inhibiting future growth. Cultivators are small gardening tools that resemble large forks. Their tines loosen the soil and soften it up for easier plant growth.

When selecting garden hand tools, no matter the purpose, one important factor to consider is ergonomics. Gardening jobs require a lot of time and effort. Choosing gardening accessories that have contoured handles coated with softer material reduces fatigue. This allows for productivity while reducing strain. When you’re working on the ground, it’s a good idea to lie down a pad to cushion your knees.

Durability is a prime concern since most gardening jobs require physical exertion. Garden hand tools made from stainless steel or carbide hold up to repeated use in strenuous conditions. They’re also resistant to rust caused by exposure to moisture. The coating on the handles prevents further wear and extends the life of the tools.
Bypass Lopping Shears - 25" icon-wishlist
Bypass Lopping Shears - 25"
Format 25"
Article #01235641
Serrated Blades Hedge Shears - 9" icon-wishlist
Serrated Blades Hedge Shears - 9"
Format 9"
Article #01235643
Garden Bypass Pruner - Steel - 8" icon-wishlist
Garden Bypass Pruner - Steel - 8"
Format 8"
Article #01235642
Garden Anvil Pruner - Steel - 8 1/2" icon-wishlist
Garden Anvil Pruner - Steel - 8 1/2"
Format 8.5"
Article #01235640