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Outdoor power equipment

To keep your lawn and shrubs in good health, you need the right tools. Find the equipment that best suit your backyard by browsing our products.

cub cadet dewalt black + decker worx remington husqvarna

Lawn mowers

It’s no secret that a lawn mower is a must-have for any homeowner. Electric or cordless, manual or self-propelled – find the lawn mower adapted to your needs.

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Riding lawn mowers

When buying your new lawn tractor, keep in mind the size of your lawn. Before you make your choice, also consider the safety features of the different products.

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String trimmers

A perfect lawn needs to be trimmed. That is why you need a string trimmer. Choose between a gas, electric or battery-powered trimmer, and make your backyard the ideal place to spend the summer.

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Leaf blowers

Equip yourself with a versatile tool. Your new leaf blower will save you time and energy, and it may even sweep, clean or vacuum. Find the blower that will help you with your outdoor chores.

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When buying a new chainsaw, the most important thing to consider is how you will use it. Weather you need it for cutting firewood, felling trees or building a fence, there is a tool that will suit your requirements.

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Hedge trimmers

A good hedge trimmer should provide a clean, even cut. Choose between a gas, electrical or battery-powered trimmer, and give your landscape a trim!

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Outdoor power equipment

Featured Products

15-in Electric Trimmer  
Format 5.5AMx15"
76.99 Each
Article #32515034
19-in Cordless Lawnmower  
Format 56Vx19"
$579 Each
Article #32515039
15-in Cordless Trimmer - 40V  
Format 4AMx40Vx15"
$369 Each
Article #22465068
40-V Cordless Blower  
Format 4AMx40V
$369 Each
Article #22465070

Featured Products

12-in Electric Trimmer  
Format 4AMx12"
56.99 Each
Article #32515041
19-in Cordless Lawnmower  
Format 36Vx19"
$369 Each
Article #32515045


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