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Our 2017 collections

Discover the trends of spring 2017 with our collections. Whether you are looking for discreet furniture for your tiny balcony or a complete furniture set to celebrate and invite all your friends and family in your backyard, you will find what you need!


Create a Mediterranean atmosphere at home with the chic and classic Ibiza Collection. Its upscale but discreet style will undoubtedly suit your exterior decor.


The Kingsbury Collection will bring the countryside calm and freshness to your backyard. With a rural yet chic ambiance, your décor won’t go unnoticed. Lounge chairs and versatile furniture will ensure hours of relaxation in the sun!

Sao paulo

The Sao Paulo Collection brings a modern look to your outdoor décor with its straight lines and sharp curves. The acacia wood furniture and black seats will easily match trendy accessories for a warm and comfortable ambiance.


Create a cozy outdoor space to receive your friends and family on your terrace. Made of eucalyptus wood, furniture from the Copenhague Collection will wrap you in comfort during those summer evenings and will also bring freshness to your backyard.


The Shanghai Collection is made of woven resin with steel structures. Its black furniture combined with bright red cushions and accessories will have a stunning effect on your deck or balcony, thanks to their ergonomic design.


The Luxembourg Collection suggests comfort and amusement. Brighten up your garden with lanterns or an outdoor gas fireplace, and create memories filled with fun and warmth!


The Soho Collection has a contemporary charm and a distinctive design with straight lines and dark colours. Add some colourful accents of your choice – bright yellow accessories, for example – for a personalized look!


The Manhattan Collection has a sleek design with straight lines, different shades of grey and rectangular shapes. Be creative and match your furniture with your favourite accessories!


The Madrid Collection is perfect to receive your friends and family in your outdoor space. Its dark colour will undoubtedly enhance your décor. With a modern look and a sturdy design, the Madrid furniture will embellish your summer season!


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