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RONA is committed to
reducing the use
of neonicotinoids

Neonicotinoids are pesticides believed to have adverse effects on bee populations. For a list of plants treated with neonicotinoids, please see a garden centre employee.

Our suppliers continue to work on ways to reduce the use of pesticides by using integrated pest management strategies. RONA congratulates its suppliers for reducing the use of these pesticides and for helping our customers create bee-friendly gardens.

Why are bees so important
for flower pollination?

When a bee lands on a plant to collect nectar from the flowers, fine pollen particles stick to its body. When moving from one flower to another, the bee drops pollen onto the pistils of the flowers. This is how plants propagate and produce fruits.

Much of the food we eat depends on bees. The results of their work end up on our plates. Because they ensure the survival of many plant species and allow greater biodiversity, it is essential to protect them.

Do your share for the environment

Buy your plants grown without the use neonicotinoids

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