Methods of Payment for Gift Cards only

For Safe and Easy transactions for gift cards only

You can pay (for gift cards only) for your purchases using the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, and RONA simply enter the name of the cardholder and the address that appears on the card statement during the purchase process. Payment by credit card is the only method of settling purchases on


Complete payment using credit card at time of purchase is the only payment method allowing you to purchase gift cards online at VISA and MasterCard credit cards issued by Canadian banks as well as the RONAdvantages, RONA VISA Desjardins and RONA commercial cards are all accepted.
For authorisation, the information is transmitted to Optimal Payments via SSL. PCI standards are upheld.
RONA reserves its right to confirm the validity of the transaction with the cardholder.
When you purchase a gift card online, the entire payment for your purchase is charged on your credit card at the time of purchase.
Prepaid cards are not recommended for purchasing gift cards online at
Federal and provincial taxes are calculated based on ongoing rates at the time of purchase. All amounts are in Canadian dollars.




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