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Microwave Ovens (0)

Equip home kitchens and dining areas at work with versatile microwave ovens from Rona. The stain-resistant microwave interior makes it easy to cook without creating a mess. Find slide in and countertop microwave ovens in steel and coloured finishes to match existing small kitchen appliances like coffee makers and kettles. Choose power models up to 1200 watts, and combination convection microwave ovens. For office break areas, top a compact refrigerator with a countertop microwave to handle employee food and beverage needs in a small space.
Provide a simple and quick way to reheat various foods and meals with microwave ovens, which feature multiple presets and practical functions. Several models include transparent windows, so it's easy to see the interior while the food is cooking or getting warm. High-power settings make it simple to cook fast when in a hurry, or to defrost frozen meats before preparing dinner. Countertop microwave ovens have large interior capacities, which enable individuals to place more food items inside for convenience. 

Various food processors and mixers are ideal for preparing food ingredients, so individuals can simply place processed foods in the microwave oven for a quick meal. Turntables are an essential component of microwave ovens, ensuring that the food is properly heated on all sides, no matter the proportions. Control panels feature a touch display with intuitive preheating functions for a plethora of different foods. The simplistic design of these ovens makes it easy to clean them using minimal effort. They also have a modern aesthetic, which makes them ideal for contemporary kitchen decor in the home. 

Select models are wall mountable to accommodate existing kitchen areas at home or in the office breakroom. There are also ovens that feature convection technology for multi-purpose cooking processes. The auto defrost option is another excellent feature, and it's easy to preset ovens in advance to save time. Most models have convenient handles, so you can easily open the oven door to place the food in or take it out. With the crisper pan available in certain ovens, users can pan fry, crisp, and brown cuisine for professional results. The stainless steel exteriors on select microwave ovens ensures durability for frequent use.

Look for microwave and convection ovens with a steamer container for meal cooking methods such as steaming vegetables or potatoes. The heat circulates evenly inside the microwave oven for exceptional, delicious meals. Drop-down doors in convection hybrids allow simple opening because of the smooth mechanism.