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Improve home kitchen organization by considering versatile cabinets, mason jars, cutlery trays, and more. Stylish kitchen cabinets offer ample space for storage of various items, and the swift door opening design increases efficiency when cooking or reorganizing dishes. Cutting boards with raised ends help with cooking, so there's not much cleaning necessary afterward. Use conservation jars and other food storage supplies to extend the life span of select foods and beverages. Look for kitchen storage units such as plastic boxes with air-tight lids, which are ideal for packing meals when leaving the house.
Keep utensils, foods, and other kitchen items in order by choosing kitchen organization and storage supplies from Rona. Accessories and tools include sliding bins for quick waste disposal, drawers, and several smaller food storage compartments. Cutlery drawers offer multiple neat compartments for knives, forks, and other kitchen utilities. Towel holders add an aesthetic component to home dining areas, while offering a convenient spot to dry out a towel.

Double-tier wire baskets offer ample space for pots and pans, so you can reach them while cooking. Ball-bearing slides keep drawer movement smooth for efficient kitchen storage operations. Hardware is available with select drawers, ensuring fast installation. It’s possible to mount nickel-plated baskets at different heights to match them to varying countertop dimensions. Soap holders next to sinks offer a quick way for guests to wash their hands.

Wire racks are ideal for storing small and medium-sized kitchen tools. Sturdy wire construction adds stability, and it’s possible to mount the racks to the wall to free up floor space in compact workplace kitchens. A proper storage system in the kitchen also prevents kids from accessing sharp cutlery and other accessories, ensuring a high level of safety.

Drying mini mats save space next to the sink while providing a convenient spot for drying the dishes after washing them. Many paper towel dispensers in this selection are wall-mountable, so guests can dry their hands or take care of a spill. A hands-free operation in select paper towel dispensers increases the user experience for residents and guests. Decorative elements include napkin holders and spoon rests are suitable for important family events such as Thanksgiving dinners.

Drawer organizers in varying dimensions present a simple way to compartmentalize kitchen equipment, so you always know where to reach what. Wooden kitchen storage supplies are an excellent match for natural kitchen styles with wooden closets, flooring, and other storage-type furniture pieces.