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BASICWISE - Kitchen Gadgets and Utensils (2)

Supply cooking areas with versatile kitchen utensils to easily prepare and store foods. Various food storage products include mason jars, individual sealing caps, and plastic containers so amateur and professional chefs can place vegetables, fruits, and meats in separate, secure compartments. Versatile pots and pans of all types include electric skillets for stir frying or braising and aluminium dishes ideal for taking food to potluck dinners. Choose kitchenware from Rona that is functional and attractive to enhance the enjoyment of catering for family, friends, and work colleagues.
Basicwise Clear Salad Spinner icon-wishlist
Basicwise Clear Salad Spinner
Article #331030527
Basicwise Metal Under Cabinet Kitchen Utensil Holder icon-wishlist
Basicwise Metal Under Cabinet Kitchen Utensil Holder
Article #331030473