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IH CASA DECOR - Cookware (1)

Select the right set of pots and pans to make the kitchen a more efficient space for preparing meals. Besides standard soup pans, Rona offers cast iron and electric skillets, saucepans, and roasters, each suited for various dishes. Choose upside down cake pans and other molds for desserts, or even glass and nonstick bakeware. Coordinate cooking pans with toasters and chef-quality cooking utensils and have everything on hand to get dinner on the table quickly.
Purchase pots and pans of various types to prepare meals in the home kitchen easily. Some models are safe for use in freezers, dishwashers, ovens, and even microwaves for convenience while cooking. With proper glassware and dinnerware, residents can impress guests and enjoy a meal using sharp cutlery and crystal-like glasses. Aluminum oven liners are available for roasting and to keep food warm for extended periods of time, which is ideal for barbecues and pot luck dinners. Most pots come with a lid to close them securely while cooking or after a meal to save it for later. 

Mixing bowl sets are suitable for combining various ingredients or storing foods with a plastic lid. The glass material on select models doesn’t absorb any flavours so that users can place different foods inside. Cooking pans feature a smooth surface for even cooking, and the deep frying pan-style is available for making Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Browse multiple capacities of pots ranging from smaller pots for sauces to bigger ones for high-volume deep frying.

Some large baking pots have a stain-resistant characteristic so individuals can cook lasagna and other messy meals comfortably with no large-scale cleanup efforts necessary afterward. Clear glass in select models makes it easy to observe as the meal is cooking, so it’s easy to know when it’s ready for serving. Versatile pot and pan dimensions are suitable for preparing meals for one or for the whole family.

The design makes these kitchen pots ideal for serving on the table so everyone can grab their favourite piece directly from the pot. Pie plates are convenient for making desserts, and the practical handles make it easy to take them from the oven. Nonstick materials are an excellent choice for making savoury dishes without creating a mess, and it produces visually aesthetic meals.
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