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Wood Countertops (3)

Ensure elegant aesthetics in the kitchen with these wood countertops featuring Melamine finishes for a pleasant texture. Options include multiple dimensions to fit existing kitchen or workshop layouts. Use these durable, easy to clean countertops to extend workspace with a sleek design, and solid construction for long-term use. Wood kitchen countertops are lightweight, making installation a breeze. Tap into countertop accessories to finish the job.

Various backsplash and deco panels are also suitable for kitchen renovations, and they come with different pattern options to match modern or classic styles.
Expand various workspaces to accommodate working conditions with these sleek, heavy-duty wood countertops. They’re available in multiple dimensions, and it’s easy to customize them for an ideal fit into existing countertop setups. Wood kitchen countertops offer a minimalistic design, which provides functionality due to the flat, smooth surface. With proper countertop dimensions, you can store versatile kitchen utensils and spices on the countertop for quick access. 

Use these kitchen countertops in residential and commercial areas because they’re durable, so they serve as a practical long-term investment. The colour of the tabletop is compatible with light, dark, and neutral hues, making it simple to match with common kitchen designs. Light colour selection also brightens up the room and makes it look bigger. Take advantage of the smooth surface for effortless maintenance, helping countertops remain pristine over an extended period. 

Melamine is a solid surface, which makes it non-absorbent, so bacteria can’t form on these stylish countertops. It’s an ideal option for families with children and pets, ensuring that all kitchen countertop areas remain clean, even with frequent use. The non-absorbent characteristic also makes it much easier to clean spills and spots while cooking or just cleaning up after a meal. Nothing beyond soap and water is necessary to get rid of most stains, so there’s more time for other work.

Wood tabletops are a popular, cost-effective solution for families, small businesses, and those who work with limited budgets. Unlike laminate countertops, most wood cabinets can be refinished at any point after the installation for a different, new look.
Melamine Table Top - 30'' x 72'' - White icon-wishlist
Melamine Table Top - 30'' x 72'' - White
Format 1X30X72"
Article #8914042
Melamine Tabletop Panel 1" x 30" x 48" - White icon-wishlist
Melamine Tabletop Panel 1" x 30" x 48" - White
Format 1X30X48"
Article #8914040
Melamine Table Top - 30" x 60" - White icon-wishlist
Melamine Table Top - 30" x 60" - White
Format 1X30X60"
Article #8914041