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Whether it be fiberglass, aluminum siding, or roof vent installation,
our experts will carry out your renovation tasks with care and precision

fiberglass shingle

Fiberglass shingle

RONA’s experienced installers will cut, adjust and properly install the shingles to give you professional results.

flat roof

Flat roof

A flat roof is extremely affordable both for the initial installation, maintenance, and upkeep. Entrust its construction to our certified team.

vinyl sidding

Vinyl and aluminum siding

Our qualified professionals will properly install the siding to prevent buckling caused by expansion and contraction due to temperature variations. Contact us today for an appointment!

wood cladding

Wood fibre cladding

This is a big job requiring time, patience, and dexterity. If you don’t have enough of these, we’re happy to help!

roof vent

Ventilator and roof vent

Trust our roofing professionals to install your ventilator or roof vent to prevent heat and humidity from accumulating in the attic.

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