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Détails Details
Détails Details
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Need turnkey solution?
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Whether it be plumbing, electricity, or cabinet installation,
our experts will carry out your renovation tasks with care and precision

and design

Good planning will simplify the process. We’ll identify your needs, taking into consideration the kitchen’s size and flow.

Cabinet installation
or refacing

Our experts will install your cabinets according to the approved plan. If refacing is the task at hand, our team can fix and cover existing doors, drawers, and sides, and add new knobs, too.


Are your cabinets level? Are your walls square? RONA installers will check these elements and others then measure precisely to ensure that your counter fits perfectly.

Sink and faucet

Sinks and faucets add an element of sophistication to your kitchen. Whatever type you choose, our experts will carry out a proper installation.

Ceramic or stone
backsplash installation

Take your kitchen’s wow factor to the next level by having a backsplash installed. It can add a dash of personality to your walls and give them a polished look.


A kitchen essential! Go ahead, host that fabulous dinner party and load all the dirty dishes in your newly installed dishwasher, no fuss, no muss!

Refrigerator water
line connection

So you bought a new fridge, now which lines go where? Forget the hassle of searching through the owner’s manual, our expert installers can take care of connecting the lines for you.

We take your renovation needs and dreams to heart
Contact us now to make them happen.

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