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Generac standby generator installation services

When power suddenly goes out, preserve your peace of mind. The Generac standby generator automatically turns on to protect your home 24/7. Let us help you select the right unit for your needs.

Generac home standby generatorStart your project

What is included with our Generac standby generator installation services?

From start to finish, RONA is with you every step of the way. To get started, all you need to do is complete a consultation request. Once done, an authorized RONA supplier will come to your home free of charge to recommend the best standby generator for your needs. Before leaving, the installer will provide you with a quote for the work to be done.

The installation of a Generac emergency generator includes the installation of transfer switch (with integrated sub panel) inside the home or garage and within 1’ of main electrical panel and within 30’ of generator, a rock or gravel base, levelling site for generator placement, and installation of a composite mounting pad. Please note that the installation does not include any major structural or electrical modifications or upgrade to the gas meter. Should any of these be required, the work must be completed by the customer before the generator installation can take place to avoid installation delays and extra costs.

Once you approve the quote, the independent contractor will order the selected generator and contact you to confirm an installation date once the device is received. Once the installation is completed, he will test its proper functioning, will get rid of the debris, and explain all the details related to the warranty.

Steps to a worry-free standby generator installation

Find the right product
Discover the benefits of a generator
Discover the Generac difference
Book your consultation
Meet with your specialist
Get ready for installation

RONA offers a variety of Generac generators to suit your needs

A permanently installed Generac backup generator can help protect your home; it runs on natural gas or liquid propane fuel and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. Generators come in many different shapes and sizes, and with a variety of features. There are three main factors to consider when looking to buy a standby generator:

The runtime of a generator lets you know how long it can supply power. You should always remember that this is calculated based on average load, not on full load.

The higher the generator wattage, the more it will be able to provide power. If you need to run a lot of power-hungry equipment, you should definitely consider a high-wattage generator.

The Essential circuit coverage option will provide power to the most important circuits, allowing you to prioritize what should be covered in case of an outage.

The complete whole-house coverage will power all the circuits on the property, ensuring that everything continues to work uninterrupted.

Managed whole-house coverage option utilizes a power management switch to help provide coverage for the entire home by managing the power needs of all individual appliances.

Need help finding the right product for you?

Power outages are occurring more frequently and last longer, with devastating effects

Backup emergency power
The most obvious benefit of a generator is to have backup power available in case of an emergency. If the power goes out for some reason, you'll be unaffected because the generator will kick in automatically. A generator is the best solution for those who can be greatly affected by a loss in power, such as the elderly, the disabled or families with many running appliances.

Home protection
When you lose power at home, there can be dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges once it returns. A generator works to prevent this kind of situation by powering certain appliances in or around the house and then turning off automatically when power returns. All of it, with a delay when it transfers back to keep your home safe.

Seamless transition of living
When the power goes out, you won't have to worry about all of your essentials like heating or cooling. They will carry on when the generator automatically starts. Even for non-essential needs, like charging smart appliances or even watch television and take a shower, a generator helps keep your way of living close to the same when you switch from one source of power to another.

Potential savings of thousands of dollars
Even if there is an upfront cost associated with buying and installing a generator, it can easily pay for itself over time. The costs of replacing spoiled food, paying to stay in a hotel, repairing the basement after a sump pump failure, fixing frozen pipes, can easily add up. A generator can prevent those costly charges. Check with your insurance company to see if you can even reduce your premiums by having a generator installed.

Generac is the #1 manufacturer and selling brand of home backup generators

Customer Service
Generac provides a 24/7/365 coming from their Wisconsin headquarters, which gives you the peace of mind you need.

Generac protects quality for the things that power your life by providing extremely affordable power solutions. Generac generators and engines are engineered and entirely built in the United-States.

Generac limited warranty
Generac stands behind all their products with a strong 5-year limited warranty on all automatic standby generators.

How to book a consultation

Fill out a consultation request online.

We will contact you within 72 hours to schedule an in-home consultation. It’s that simple!

Request a consultation

Visit a RONA store near you and fill out a request with the help of one of our specialists.   

Our specialists will help you fill out an appointment request and a qualified professional will install it for you. 

Find a store 

Meet with your specialist

An authorized RONA supplier will come to your home free of charge to assess your standby generator needs and recommend a model suited to your needs. During the meeting, you will discuss our generator installation process and related services. Before leaving, the installer will provide you with an estimate of the work to be done.

It’s installation day! Make sure the space is prepped and ready for installation.

That means:
• Display your renovation permit in plain sight (if necessary)
• Make sure that the access door to the yard is cleared
• Make sure that structural, electrical or gas meter modifications have been completed as required
• Remove vehicles from your parking lot
• A clear path must be marked on the ground, around the house
• Pets should be kept clear from the construction site
• Vegetation, soil ground and outdoor furniture must be protected to avoid potential damage*

Appointment confirmation

The installer will call ahead of time to confirm his estimated time of arrival and review safety steps with you.

Safety measures

All installers are required to pass a daily health screening, they must wear personal protective equipment, and sanitize work area and tools on each job.

Likewise, we require customers to practice social distancing at all times while installers are performing their job.


All installers are background checked, licensed where applicable and insured.

Customer satisfaction

In order to be a part of our Independent Installer program, all contractors must go through the toughest rating test of all – your satisfaction.

After your project is completed, we will send you a survey email to assess your satisfaction. Make sure to add RONA to your trusted senders’ list.

And don’t forget! We offer a 1-year labour warranty on all installation services and we provide assistance 7 days a week through our call centre at 1-844-454-1454.

Featured frequently asked questions

Installation-related questions
When can you start … and finish?
For small projects, the work is usually done within a few days following the purchase. In the 24 hours following your purchase, our call centre will contact you. Following that, an installer will call to book an appointment with you.

For major projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, please allow additional time for essential steps including in-store consultations to create the plan, measuring process, and work order issuance.

Bear in mind that product availability, weather conditions, client availability, and work area conditions may have an impact on project timelines.
How do you ensure that your customers are satisfied?
Throughout the project, we provide constant customer care. Upon project completion, both the installer and customer inspect the work that has been carried out to ensure that it meets the customer’s expectations. If all is approved, the customer signs a work acceptance form. Finally, we contact each customer after the installation is completed asking them to fill out a survey for feedback on the job’s execution.
Are you insured for damage and accidents?
Yes, all RONA installers have liability insurance.
Whom should I call if I have a problem: RONA or the installer?
Please contact RONA’s call centre if your project was a fixed-cost installation: 1-844-454-1454. For a renovation project, please contact the RONA store where the contract was signed.
Do I have to give a deposit?
Yes, a 50% deposit is required when you sign the installation services contract. The remaining 50% must be paid before the work begins. Alternatively, the full amount can be paid when signing the contract.

See what customers have to say about our work

Gordon was very punctual and polite. His finishing work is flawless and professional. I would use him again and would highly recommend him to my friends and family.
Tanya Grange, British Columbia
The technician was really helpful and polite, always trying to give me updates and great explanations. He was super quick and answered all my questions.
Diego Offerni, Ontario
Installation crew was excellent. Tony was excellent to deal with and set appointments and fix the errors in many open jobs for the same address that the store had initiated. Norm was great at Installation.
Heather Fenton, Ontario
Shawn the adviser (Moose Jaw Rona) was brilliant, helped us so much, nothing was too much trouble and he kept us up to date and answered any of my queries straight away. Trevor from T&S Carpentry who installed the cabinets was amazing, could not fault his workmanship at all. 100% satisfied. THANK YOU RONA!
Jan & Chris Hibbin, Saskatchewan
Everything was mostly done via internet & telephone which is comforting. The installation rep got back to me asap & was able to answer all my questions. The installer was quiet & efficient & the quality of work excellent! He was also patient (my 5 yr old kept bugging him).
Holly McRae, British Columbia
Great experience with the speed of the installation. Very friendly and made us feel confident about his knowledge and experience. So glad I called Rona. Will be calling you with more jobs in the near future. The lady that I first called was able to answer all my questions and kept me up to date on a regular basis.
Carol Froese, British Columbia
Norman, the project coordinator, was very knowledgeable and kept me updated throughout the process. Jovan, the installer was highly skilled, did an excellent job and cleaned up before leaving.
Catherine Balfour, Ontario
I was not sure if the service was needed but I am now impressed.
John Johnson, British Columbia
We were very grateful to Tanya Lakatos who guided us through the process. Her professional approach, expertise and customer service is exceptional. Without her assistance we would have experienced a lot of frustration. She was able to explain all we needed to know, advocate for us and acted as our representative with the countertop company. She always had our interest in mind and created loyal RONA customers. Thank you so much.
Andrea Mikler, British Columbia
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