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Beneficial Nematodes

Article #2009782 Model #00503
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RONA Langdon Hardware Ltd. / Fort Erie
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Beneficial Nematodes

Insecticide. ECO brand biological solution. Eco-friendly product used for the control of pests in the root zone of turf and vegetable gardens such as white grubs, beetles, cutworms and webworms. Sold in a sponge to ensure the viability of the nematodes for 60 days. The product is made with two species of nematodes. 1 box covers an area of up to 3,000 sq. ft. NOTICE: The sponges must be kept in the refrigerator. Low-impact insecticides protect lawns, gardens and flower beds against infestations of insect pests but have much less impact on the ecosystem and human health than conventional insecticides. The highly targeted action of these insecticides reduces the impact on human health. There is no risk of bioaccumulation in the environment.
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RONA Langdon Hardware Ltd. / Fort Erie

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