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Refresh your roof

Get serious about your roof this year. Repair, construct, or replace a roof with the wide array of roofing materials and gutter parts.

5 roofing materials to consider for your house

1 Eave protection

Considerable damage to the eaves can be caused by ice that builds up during the winter freeze/thaw cycles. Waterproofing membrane will provide the protection you need.

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2 Underlayment

Roofing underlayment provide top notch secondary protection from wind-driven rain under the shingles.

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3 Starter shingle

Re-shingle your roof quickly and easily with this starter shingle strip. The insta-bond adhesive the shingle starter strip allows your first row of shingles to seal properly, so you get a seamless finish along the eaves and rake edge of your roof.

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4 Shingles

Roofing shingles provide a practical covering for your home. They resist high wind speeds, and heavy weather conditions to keep a home warm and dry. Select from many colors and patterns to achieve a look that complements the house exterior.

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5 Hip and ridge

Cap your roof with peak protection while adding an attractive finished look.

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Roof panels and accessories

These durable panels are made from corrugated asphalt and feature a tough organic fibre core for added longevity. Roofing sheets have alternating grooves and ridges that do not hold water and make drainage easy. These infused roof sheets will not corrode or rust and are highly resistant to wind.

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A wide selection of roof shingles through special order

We carry hundreds of shingles to suit your house's colour, style, and budget. Visit your local RONA store to see our full selection of shingles available for special order.

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Get your roof installed by professionals

Whether it be fibreglass, aluminum siding, or roof vent installation, our experts will carry out your renovation tasks with care and precision.

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Don’t forget about your gutters and maintenance

Select the right type of gutters for your house

Gutters protect your home from damage caused by bad weather and ensure that rainwater is evacuated away from the foundation. This guide presents the various models of gutters available, to help you decide which will be best for your home.

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Install a PVC gutter

Gutters protect your home from heavy rain and snowfall by ensuring that rainwater is evacuated away from the foundations. Your home is therefore drier with fewer humidity problems, and the ground drains better. PVC guttering has the advantage of being durable, affordable and easy to install.

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10 roofing and exterior siding maintenance tips

The roof and exterior siding are the most important parts of the home. Since they are the first line of defense, both roofing and siding must be checked for signs of wear and maintained on a regular basis. This includes cleaning, as well as replacing pieces that may have fallen off or become worn.

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