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Change your house siding

When it comes to your home, finding a look and feel that resonates with your personality is key. Choose a house siding that fits your unique dream house.

Choose a suitable exterior wall cladding

The choice of exterior wall cladding is an aesthetic one that must also be appropriate for the climate you live in. Cladding is primarily a protective layer between your home and the external elements. Before you purchase, be aware of any regulations or bylaws in your area that could apply. Here is an overview of the benefits and drawbacks associated with the most popular cladding options.


The choice of material makes the look

Often referred to as flexible coverings, siding includes aluminum, vinyl, wood, wood fibre and fibre cement products. Vinyl outstrips all other siding products in terms of popularity, due to its competitive price and easy installation.

Wood fibre or engineered wood siding is increasingly popular because it looks like natural wood, it's easy to install and durable.

Also in this category: new products made of polyurethane or polymer. Both imitate stone and are easy to install, indoors and outdoors.

Get the look of natural stone both indoors and outdoors

Give your home a classic design with stone siding that provides the look of stone without the weight, work, specialized tools, and lifting needed for real stone.

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Many designs and colours are available through special order

Our team will be able to provide you with the full list of available products in your region and based on your needs

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Get your house siding installed by professionals

Our qualified professionals will properly install the siding to prevent buckling caused by expansion and contraction due to temperature variations. Contact us today for an appointment!

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How to maintain that beautiful siding

The roof and exterior siding are the most important parts of the home. Since they are the first line of defence, both roofing and siding must be checked for signs of wear and maintained on a regular basis. This includes cleaning, as well as replacing pieces that may have fallen off or become worn.

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Want to install the siding yourself? RONA is here to help

The outside of your property betrays its age? Give it a youthful look by installing a new siding. Vinyl siding is the number one choice and for good reason: it is easily installed and maintained; it is offered in a variety of colours and textures; It resists excessive moisture, meaning it won't rot or corrode over time and is economical.

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Replace a vinyl panel

To keep your exterior siding in good repair, you need to replace damaged vinyl panels and mouldings as they occur. The good news? All you need is the correct tool, a few hours, and the patience to follow three simple steps. Easy!

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