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home delivery

For Products other than Appliances

Once your order is ready for pick-up at the store, you can request home delivery, which is available from some dealers. However, local delivery is at the discretion of the dealer, who makes these arrangements with the customer. At all times, the dealer reserves the right to request an extra charge for delivery or not to offer this service.

For Appliances

Our experts are dedicated to ensuring your new appliance is delivered with the utmost care.

LEVELLED EVELLED Connected Included Excluded Required
Washer Drain hose and supply lines will be installed and properly connected. Drain hose and supply lines
DrYer1 Connection to existing ventilation system (if there are no modifications to be made). Flexible aluminum pipe
Refrigerator2 Refrigerator doors and door handles will be removed and reinstalled if necessary to allow the safe passage of the merchandise. The water line will not be installed.
dish-washer4 The unit will not be installed or pushed under the counter. Connectors and tape for threaded joints
Microwave with
integrated hood
The removal of your old appliances is included33

1 Gas appliances must be connected by a professional.
2 Following the delivery of your appliance, please wait 2 hours before connecting your refrigerator.
3 We take away one appliance for each new one delivered.
4 Dishwasher must be disconnected to be eligible to the removal of old appliances.

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    Delivery schedule:

    Between 8 am and 8 pm, from Monday to Saturday.

    Confirmation of delivery time:

    The night before, you’ll receive an automated call with a 3-hour timeframe for your delivery the next day.

    To modify the date of delivery:

    You have until 3 p.m. the day before the scheduled delivery date to do so by contacting our delivery service: 1-800-363-8175, ext. 2215.

  • 2
    • Prepare everything you’ll need to install your appliances before the arrival of our delivery team. Our experts are not authorized to install your appliances using old hoses or pipes.
    • Measure the opening where the appliance is to be installed and the path leading to it, including doorways. If needed, remove anything that might hinder the smooth delivery of your appliance.
    • Disconnect your old appliance and make sure it’s ready to be picked up.
    • If your appliances run on gas, you will require the services of a professional to complete the installation.
  • 3
    DAY OF
    • Create a clear path by removing any and all obstacles.
    • Make sure an adult is present to accept the delivery.
    • Inspect your appliance as soon as it’s delivered.
    • If you notice a defect or damage of any kind, it’s important that you advise the delivery personnel. All damages/defects must be flagged to our customer service department within 48 hours of delivery.

Time of delivery is an estimate and may vary according to the availability of products or due to other external factors beyond the control of RONA Inc. Certain conditions and exclusions apply. Details in store.


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