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Flexible Ducts and Pipes (4)

Direct air out of the home for safe and controlled ventilation with flexible ducts. Semi-rigid pipes are made of durable aluminum to contain air flow but are flexible enough fit into tight spaces and around curves. These are suitable for connecting to bathroom fans, as well as dryers. Other flexible pipes feature an additional layer of insulation, controlling heat output and ambient temperature.

Rona also supplies accessories for installing these pipes and ducts, such as adjustable clamps and foil tape to keep them connected to equipment like air exchangers.
Equip dryers, bathroom fans, and other home appliances with flexible ducts to vent unwanted odors and air particles. Vinyl and aluminium materials are available in a few varying dimensions, so you can find a fit for small or large rooms. Choose between models with or without insulation, depending on the specific need, and the frequency of use of different devices. Dryers, for example, are usually in heavy rotation, so it's smart to invest in durable flexible pipes with multiple layers. Search for ducts, humidifiers, and versatile ventilation supplies to accommodate home living spaces with breathable and odorless air and climates.

Two-ply ventilation ducts are suitable for installations with standard and high end heating units. They offer temperature resistance to prevent fire hazards. Insulated ducts are energy efficient, which makes them an excellent option for builders and households looking for cost-effective solutions. Some models come with a 90-degree angle that can simplify the installation process. Flexible ducting is convenient for all types of installations in narrow and tight spaces. Spring wire helixes in most models offer a stable structure, and they're corrosion-resistant, which extends the lifetime of ventilation ducts. Lightweight aluminium vent material is ideal for high-volume transports to the construction site.

Vent colour options include white, grey, and black models, so individuals can match up with other venting in a building, and designate the venting purpose. Outer jackets in select insulated vents consist of durable fibreglass material, which makes them ideal for long-term use. Semi-rigid and rigid duct products combine with clamps, so it's easy to connect them to the dryer exhaust without using heavy-duty tools. Flame resistance features make them suitable for electric and gas dryers. Flexible ducting serves as an inexpensive solution while providing long term, optimal venting functions. Be sure to check out air filters and evaporator filters for humidifiers to keep on hand for scheduled replacements.
Semi-Rigid Aluminum Pipe - 4" x 8' icon-wishlist
Semi-Rigid Aluminum Pipe - 4" x 8'
Format 4"x8'
Article #12245178
Humidifier Filter icon-wishlist
Humidifier Filter
Article #04355063
Class 1 UL 181 Insulated Flexible Pipe - 4" x 10' icon-wishlist
Class 1 UL 181 Insulated Flexible Pipe - 4" x 10'
Format 4"x10'
Article #12245308
Evaporator Filter for Humidifier - 13 x 10 x 1.5" icon-wishlist
Evaporator Filter for Humidifier - 13 x 10 x 1.5"
Format 13x1.5x10"
Article #04355090