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AIRCARE - Ventilation (3)

Maintaining air circulation with ventilation fans and other equipment is essential for controlling moisture build-up, and for keeping air fresh and clean. With ventilation systems and bathroom fans from trusted brands like Broan, dampness is kept under control. The air inside homes is kept fresh using air exchangers, which draw in a clean supply from outside. We also offer ventilation accessories and supplies such as hoses and filters to keep ventilation equipment running efficiently. Safely disperse heat from a dryer out of the home with flexible vinyl and semi-rigid pipes and vent hoods.
An air exchanger vent system is an easy way to keep the air inside a home clean at all times. These devices are also an efficient way to help maintain heat in a home to keep it warm. Install the parts needed for proper air exchange with kits that include outside ports, grilles, and flexible ducts, both with and without insulation. Regularly change the air exchanger filter to capture allergens and odour-causing bacteria.

If the air inside a house or apartment is too dry, you can bring up the moisture levels using humidifiers. There are compact models for small spaces, such as closets or crawl spaces, as well as portable units for moving from room to room. Consider a larger device to handle broad spaces, like basements and storage areas. Humidifiers take liquid water and convert it into a cool mist that disperses into the air. As it draws air from the room, it removes the impurities from water using replaceable wick filters. Some models even have whimsical designs, making them suitable for kids’ rooms. Keep humidifiers operating in optimal condition with cleaning tablets and conditioners, or add a menthol pad to soothe sinuses.

Bathroom fans lower moisture levels, which is useful with the steam and humidity generated by hot showers. The fans help to prevent moisture build-up and mildew growth over time and also circulate the air inside the bathroom to restore freshness. 

Rona also carries other air exchanger vent equipment, such as duct blower fans, to increase air flow speeds and boost an exchanger system’s performance. These also offer variable speed options with the installation of a dial control. Install a damper to further control air flow or cut it off entirely as needed. Employ increasers and reducers to join ducts and pipes of differing sizes and use clamps to keep hoses and ducts securely connected. Central air filters for whole-house systems offer another air cleaning option, while air diffusers and registers manage and direct cooling air into bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.
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Aircare - Essential Oils - Pack of 3
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Aircare - Ultrasonic Humidifier - 1 ga White
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Aircare - Ultrasonic Humidifier - 0.8 ga Brown
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