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UNIWATT - Thermostats (3)

Obtain ideal home temperatures with the precision adjustment offered by thermostats. There are residential and mechanical models with dials or digital interfaces that connect with HVAC systems as well as wall heaters and convectors. Consider programmable temperature thermostats that allow for pre-setting temperature changes for specific days and times to reduce energy consumption. Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats pair up with mobile devices for easy interaction, and  some can operate according to the home's usage habits. Rona also offers other heating and cooling options for homes such as portable heaters and air conditioner units.
Thermostats are necessary to control the temperature of heaters and air conditioning units. Use temperature thermostats to increase the energy efficiency of the home’s heating source. Set them to a comfortable temperature and allow for automatic shut-off when it has been reached, resulting in lower power costs. In addition, insulated chimneys are another way to keep energy costs down and make a home more energy efficient.

These models are available in many styles, including dial, digital, push-button, switch, and new Wi-Fi compatible smart designs. Dials have a numbered knob to show the desired temperature. Digital models have the same number settings as the dials but with digital numbers that are easier to read. Push-button and switch models allow for adjustments of temperature up or down; however, they do not give as much control. Smart designs provide the functionality of a digital model with the capability to connect and be controlled from smartphones and computers.

Some other popular heating devices, such as wall mount heaters and convectors, offer the possibility to connect to the whole-house thermostat. If they are not connectable, these units have their own temperature controls for adjusting for energy efficiency. Use connectable units to add heat where the central unit does not reach, such as on enclosed patios. Additional heating units may also require their own temperature thermostats for comfortable control.

Add separate temperature controls for two-story homes to provide comfortable heating both upstairs and down. These separate controls maintain energy savings by keeping each floor heated comfortably without multiple adjustments. Use the scheduling features on these controls to maintain proper temperatures while no one is home. Maintaining the temperature of any home is easy and affordable with the right solution for the job. Finding and installing these units is easy with all the parts and accessories in one convenient location.
UT202NP Non-Programmable Thermostat - 2000 W-240 V icon-wishlist
UT202NP Non-Programmable Thermostat - 2000 W-240 V
Format 2000W-240V
Article #03915324
Uniwatt Built-In Thermostat - UWH Series icon-wishlist
Uniwatt Built-In Thermostat - UWH Series
Format 500@2000Wx1P
Article #0391110
Uniwatt Non-Programmable Electronic Thermostat - 2000 W icon-wishlist
Uniwatt Non-Programmable Electronic Thermostat - 2000 W
Format 5.72x1.75x3.75"
Article #03915211