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FLAMELUX - Fireplaces (3)

Rona's selection of electric fireplaces features exquisite designs. Home fireplaces made of glass, metal, and wood come with faux ember beds made from crushed glass, stones, or charred logs. The units are easy to install and maintain. Options include fan-forced coil heaters with silent fans and infrared heaters. Choose from models that install on walls or free-standing designs. Several wall fireplaces have programmable thermostats, different brightness settings, and come with remote controls for convenient operation. Supplement room heating with baseboard units.
Create a cozy and warm atmosphere by choosing from a wide selection of fireplaces at Rona. They’re available in a variety of materials, including wood, stone, and durable MDF construction. Practical remote controls come with most models, so individuals can adjust settings from afar. Some units have touchscreen displays for easy setting of timers and heat output. Control functions are similar to the ones in thermostats, offering familiarity for beginner users. Enjoy the LED lighting effect available in several electric wall fireplaces, or browse other related products, including baseboards, wall heaters, and convectors.  

Practical functions of home fireplaces include timer settings, multiple brightness levels, and a plethora of vibrant colour effects. Most heating units in the collection are wall-mountable, ensuring stability and a seamless installation process. Classic and contemporary fireplace styles are available to accommodate many facilities such as workplaces, homes, and lounge bars. It’s easy to set up timer hours in advance so the fireplace shuts off later at night. That way, users can conserve energy while saving on power bills, and increasing safety in the home. Electric fireboxes in these fireplaces are compatible with standard outlets to simplify installation. 

Internal thermostats in versatile fireplaces show temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius for convenience. Look for slim fireplace designs to incorporate a stylish new look in the living room, and to save space in smaller areas. Select models feature cabinets on each side, where you can store DVDs, books, and other items. Flat tops of some fireplace units are ideal for displaying vases, family photos, or even TV sets. Search for high-end models with heavy-duty heaters, which can warm up a large room. Mounting brackets and clear instructions make it easy to add these elegant heating devices into your home.
Flamelux Electric Wall Fireplace - 60" x 24" - 1500W - Black icon-wishlist
Flamelux Electric Wall Fireplace - 60" x 24" - 1500W - Black
Format 152.4x19.4x61CM
Article #35025003
Flamelux Electric Fireplace - 1500 W - 23-in - Black icon-wishlist
Flamelux Electric Fireplace - 1500 W - 23-in - Black
Format 1500W-23"
Article #35025009
Flamelux Electric Fireplace - 1500 W - 25-in - Black icon-wishlist
Flamelux Electric Fireplace - 1500 W - 25-in - Black
Format 1500W-25"
Article #35025010