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REGAL ALUMINUM - Bases, Hangers and Brackets (3)

Install fences, railings, and decks with post bases using the correct fasteners and anchors to ensure secure, long-lasting construction. Steel post brackets and hangers come in many designs to support multiple building configurations. Find steel and aluminum stringers and risers for staircases, many pre-cut for immediate use. Use adjustable posts and jacks to serve as temporary support during construction. Rona offers all the hardware necessary to layout and complete home structures to expand your outdoor living.
If you have post bases handy, and a selection of lumber or resin posts and boards, you’re ready to make outdoor fences, deck railings, and similar items. Post brackets and bases come in resilient, corrosion-resistant materials coated with waterproofing agents to prevent rust. This wide selection of post hangers, bases, and caps covers virtually any fencing application that most homeowners require.

Some bases are freestanding. For heavy-duty projects, invest in cement support blocks, which stabilise post brackets. This is a necessity if you plan to use the posts for load-bearing purposes, such as supporting a deck. On the opposite end of the spectrum, light-duty projects, including plant trainers, can remain standing if you set them up using post spikes.

Post brackets are companion pieces for the bases. They screw into the sides of the posts and provide a place to drop in lumber to connect the posts. This modular system has the advantage of letting you cut the lumber to appropriate lengths. Repairs are simpler because all you have to do is unscrew any damaged pieces and drop in new rails, posts, or other components.

Also use post bases for decks and patios. Adjustable support bases allow you to get the right levels for a stable platform. Use pre-measured stringers to support stairways. Cut the lumber to the required widths, set each piece over the stringer, and screw them into the brackets for instant steps. Specialized brackets provide a stable setting for the safety handrails.

You don’t have to be a professional to get professional results. Use the rust-resistant post bases and brackets available at Rona, along with pressure-treated lumber and premium stains to get a long-lasting fence or deck. With the right preparation and tools, you can finish this type of project in just one weekend.
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