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Best - Mechanical and Concrete Anchors (3)

Complete projects such as shelf or cabinet installations as well as picture hanging with sturdy mechanical anchors. There are masonry anchors for going into brick, and hollow wall anchors for providing strong support when attaching shelves or racks to drywall. Corrosion-resistant lag shields stay firmly in place while also allowing for a flush installation.

Other types of concrete anchors include drive nail anchors and concrete nails that hammer into hard materials. Rona also offers removable anchors to supply temporary support. Some anchor sets even include a drill bit for making holes in the correct size.
Ensure proper support in walls, shelving, and other indoor or outdoor installations with mechanical anchors. Select steel anchors are removable for convenience, so users can replace them during renovations. Other concrete anchors offer weather resistance, which makes them ideal for outdoor projects on concrete walls and sidewalks. With a solid holding power, some of these anchors can resist over 100 kg of weight. It’s easy to load heavy-duty and light-duty anchors mid-work, so employees can save time and increase efficiency. Browse mechanical anchors, finishing nails, and other building supplies from Rona so you’re ready for upcoming anchoring tasks. 

Impact-resistant anchors in the collection are cost effective, making them suitable for households and smaller businesses. Using anchors in concrete panels only requires drilling a hole and blowing the dust off before inserting an anchor. Multiple anchor lengths are available to accommodate varying materials while providing secure anchoring. Lag shields are another option, featuring a range of bulk packages for high-traffic businesses.

Lead anchors are corrosion resistant, so they’re convenient for moist areas in remote locations or in the home basement, providing long-term durability. With internal threads, selected hardware anchors remain stable and firm in concrete, wood, and other common building materials. Screws come complimentary with some anchor orders, simplifying the installation process. Individuals can use wooden or metal screws on most anchors, especially in light-duty work such as home decorations or assembling a closet.

When performing tamper-proof applications on masonry, drive nail anchors offer an efficient way to do it quickly and safely. The two-piece nail-in-anchor design speeds up working processes on construction sites — an essential feature if working at heights or in other hazardous areas. Simply drive them through fixtures, panels, and security grids without breaking a sweat. Some models are expandable in drywalls by using a regular setting tool.
Ground Stake - Anchor - Plastic - 16" - Orange icon-wishlist
Ground Stake - Anchor - Plastic - 16" - Orange
Article #00335624
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Anchors - Removable Anchors
Format 3/8"x2"xPK/4
Article #0484404
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Lag Shields
Format 5/16"xBT/15
Article #0484268