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BLUE HAWK - Hollow Wall Anchors (2)

Install shelves, hang up pictures, and mount lighting fixtures with hollow wall anchors. They provide the strength and support lacking in drywall, with plastic types expanding upon screw insertion and metal anchors drilling in with pointed tips. Other options include screw nails that drive in smoothly without splitting and toggle bolts for ceiling applications. Rona offers these and a wide selection of other wall hardware essential for many projects. For outdoor installations, consider the added strength and power of mechanical and concrete anchors.
Hollow wall anchors, also called molly bolts, are ideal for heavy-duty applications. They come in various sizes and are available in steel, brass, and other metal options. They’re resistant to rust and corrosion, and can help secure towel bars, coat hooks, and other items. A metal sleeve expands to create a robust anchor as you drive the bolt into the wall. Users can install molly bolts using hammers or drills. For lightweight applications, consider screws that come with plastic expansion anchors. Plastic jackets come in various sizes and have ribs to accommodate screws. These require pre-drilled holes and are ideal for hanging picture frames.

Self-drilling hollow wall anchors are easy to install because they don’t require pre-drilling. They have fine points that guide anchors into walls without requiring high force. The anchors are easy to install with a screwdriver. This kind of wall hardware is suitable for light- to medium-duty applications, such as decorative shelving and curtain rods. Toggle anchors come with bolts and are high strength. They feature thick metal construction, so they’re suitable for holding shelves. Galvanized options are ideal for concrete and masonry applications, such as fastening wood plates to foundation walls. High-capacity options can bear weight over 50 kilograms to mount electronics such as televisions. Their sturdy wings spread behind a wall to form a firm hold without causing cracks. Toggle anchors are suitable for different walls, including concrete and plaster designs.

Hollow wall anchors and anchor kits come in packs with various quantities of screws and anchors for small and large repair and installation projects. Some kits have anchors and screw sizes from #6 to #12, and they come with corresponding hollow anchors where each size is a different colour for easy identification. Other wall hardware sets include drill bits, nuts, and washers for convenient installation. For general framing and other construction projects, consider box nails that resist rust and corrosion.
Cobra Hollow Wall Drive Anchors- 1/8-in SLD - Solid Zinc - Vibration Resistant - 3 Per Pack icon-wishlist
Cobra Hollow Wall Drive Anchors- 1/8-in SLD - Solid Zinc - Vibration Resistant - 3 Per Pack
Format 1/8"SLDXPK/3
Article #0484311
50-Piece All-Purpose Plastic Anchors Set icon-wishlist
50-Piece All-Purpose Plastic Anchors Set
Format PK25xCOMBO
Article #0484235