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CARGO MATES - Cargo Security Products (5)

Keep shipments and stationary stored goods in pristine condition with the help of cargo security products from Rona. There is a range of choices that include cargo fasteners, utility hooks, and stretch cords in several lengths to suit packages of all sizes. Browse ratchet tie-down sets that have vinyl-coated J-hooks to prevent content damage and large rubber handles for easy adjusting.

Use heavy-duty hook-and-loop strips and fasteners for extreme outdoor conditions and green strips for tying up flowers and vegetables. Many of these products feature a waterproof design that makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
Cargo security products hold items in place during transport, which reduces the risk of damage to both the vehicle and its cargo. They help protect vehicle occupants and other motorists from falling cargo in the event of a sudden swerve or emergency braking. Hooks and fasteners for cargo are also useful in homes or on job sites, as are ropes. Combine bungee cords and utility hooks to organize storage areas.

There are many types of cargo security products. Bungee cords are elastic straps with hooks at each end ideal for holding down tarps, engine hoods, and trunk lids, or for securing light loads. Ratchet tie-downs consist of a 1" to 6" wide nylon belt with hooks at each end. A mechanical ratchet tightens the strap, ensuring a snug fit around or over stored items. Use ratcheting straps to secure heavy loads. Cam straps are similar to ratchet tie-downs, but they typically have lower strength ratings. Use bundling ties to wrap small parts or tools, which keeps cargo areas organized. Specialty products such as motorcycle and tyre straps work well to secure items with odd shapes.

Cargo fasteners come in many sizes, and they have load capacities that secure light to heavy objects in car trunks and truck beds or on roof racks. When choosing bungee cords or tie-downs, consider the storage space available and the size and weight of the load. Most cargo straps and fasteners list their length, working load limit, and breaking strength, making it easy to find the right strap or bungee cord for the task at hand. A load’s weight should not exceed the working load limit of the straps that hold it in place.

To secure a load, users should fasten all carried items to the vehicle’s cargo compartment. Anchor rings bolted to cargo compartment floors and walls or fitted into stake holes in truck beds provide strong attachment points for tie-downs when securing heavy items. Consider using hook-and-loop strips and fasteners to hold lightweight items, such as tools or flashlights in glove boxes or vehicle trunks. Cargo tie-downs and straps are available individually or in convenient bulk packages, so it’s easy to find the equipment needed to secure loads of any size or shape.
Set of 4 Cargo Mates 12-ft Orange Ratchet Tie-Down Straps icon-wishlist
Set of 4 Cargo Mates 12-ft Orange Ratchet Tie-Down Straps
Format 12'x4PC
Article #3279022
Auto-Locking Tie-Downs - 6' - 4-Pack icon-wishlist
Auto-Locking Tie-Downs - 6' - 4-Pack
Format 6'x4PK
Article #3279021
Bungee Cords - Pack of 12 icon-wishlist
Bungee Cords - Pack of 12
Format 12PC
Article #3279030
Pack of 2 Retractable Tie-Downs icon-wishlist
Pack of 2 Retractable Tie-Downs
Format 6'x1"xPK2
Article #32795055
Cargo Mates Heavy-Duty Strap - Black - Rubber - Rust Resistant -15-in L icon-wishlist
Cargo Mates Heavy-Duty Strap - Black - Rubber - Rust Resistant -15-in L
Format 15"
Article #00335637