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TOOLWAY - Privacy Door Knobs (1)

Find a variety of top-quality privacy door knobs that range in style, including passage knobs and privacy door locks. Find multiple styles to fit every door handle need, from electronic keypads to deadbolts. The large selection of entry handle sets provide you with all the security you need, while maintaining the aesthetic beauty you desire in privacy door handles. Securing your home both indoors and out is easy with an expansive selection of door knobs that are easy to install. Check out Rona’s multiple finish options, including brass, nickel, and bronze.
Enhance privacy and protect rooms from unauthorized access by installing top-notch privacy door knobs. Choose from a broad variety of choices ranging from privacy levers and passage knobs to privacy knobs and privacy door locks. Consider privacy door levers made of nickel, brass, or metal to give interior doors functionality and elegance. Privacy door levers have a hidden screw design and use SmartKey technology so you can re-key the locks to work with any SmartKey key. The adjustable size and latch on privacy levers allows for easy installation on standard-sized and specialized doors. Consider privacy door levers, which work well with right-handed and left-handed doors for a smooth operation. Opt for door knobs that open easily with a single press of a push button while inside and the insertion of an emergency key while outside.

Choose from an expansive collection of entry handle sets that match in style and decor with your privacy door handles to give bedrooms and living rooms an aesthetic and security boost. Select from the wide-ranging finishes including, but not limited to, matte black, satin nickel, brass, bronze, and satin chrome to achieve the required look. Smart and innovative, Many entrance handle sets use SmartKey technology and contemporary Smartcode to maximize security and allow for quick opening. Take an important step forward towards a safe home with convenient and tech-rich entry door locks and handles. Added to a smart deadbolt, these electronic privacy door locks limit access to rooms by using a touch keypad lock code access, end-to-end encryption, or a SmartKey key. The electronic locks have a stylish yet advanced design that allows for easy installation without wiring. These also come in a variety of finishes from matte black to bronze. Made of high-quality materials like metal, brass, and zinc, entrance door locks guarantee superior durability and operation.
Toolway Privacy Door Lock - 2.75-in - Chrome icon-wishlist
Toolway Privacy Door Lock - 2.75-in - Chrome
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