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FORGE - Entry Handlesets (2)

Secure entryways with stylish entry handle sets. Styles range from antique looks to modern designs. They’re available in matte or high-shine finishes of varying metals. Door handle sets are an easy way to accent a doorway without adding extensive hardware. They come in a range of locking styles, including lever and deadbolt, keypad entry, and single lock handle sets. With deadbolts included in some models, you are secure. Match metal, finish, and style to coordinate your home with passage knobs from entry to exit. Lever and knob versions are available.
Dress up front doors with top-quality entry handle sets, which have stylish handles and secure deadbolts to maximize security and add an elegant, contemporary look to doors. Browse Rona’s huge collection to choose door handle sets that complement your house’s exterior design and decor. Available in stylish finishes such as antique, matte, satin, and polished, these sets add an impressive look to a building’s entrances without congesting the doors with endless hardware. Choose from a great range of design and lock styles, including single lock handle sets, deadbolt, lever, double cylinder, keypad entry, and end-to-end encryption to achieve the desired look and level of security. Consider double cylinder deadbolt handle sets that open easily with a single thumb press or key for glass front doors. 

Select passage knobs ranging in type, from doorknobs and door handles to door levers, to enhance the functionality and elegance of doors. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, these passage entry handle sets have a design suitable for entrance doors. They’re available in modern and antique styles, and they come in a variety of premium-quality materials such as zinc and brass. Accent the looks of your door handles and knobs with a great choice of metals such as nickel, brass, and bronze.

Protect buildings in a smart and innovative way with well-designed and stylish deadbolts, which come as single sided or keyed. Fitted with an adjustable size and latch, the high-quality lock handle sets and handles are easy to install in standard-size doors, whether right handed or left handed. The deadbolts feature heavy-duty brass, metal, and zinc materials, so they can resist physical attacks. Choose keyless entry or end-to-end encryption deadbolt door locks that integrate technology and durability, and many are compatible with smartphone apps. They add an unequaled level of convenience and beauty to your exterior doors and a solid measure of security.
Forge Europa Entrance Gripset with Deadbolt - Matte Black icon-wishlist
Forge Europa Entrance Gripset with Deadbolt - Matte Black
Article #330775215
Forge Lexington Entrance Gripset with Deadbolt - Matte Black icon-wishlist
Forge Lexington Entrance Gripset with Deadbolt - Matte Black
Article #330775194