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FORGE - Entry Door Locks and Handles (1)

Install stylish entry door locks for ultimate security. They come in a variety of finishes, including elegant satin chrome and nickel, black matte and iron, and brass. These entry door handles are suitable for a variety of door thicknesses, including 1 ⅜ inches to 1 ¾ inches. Most of the pull handles have an adjustable latch to fit multiple door sizes. Smart door handles with touch keypads eliminate bulky key rings. Users can integrate a combo entry set with iOS devices for voice command. Select smart lock systems allow scheduling of access times.
Find a variety of entry door locks to upgrade home and building security. Grade 1 locks are suitable for business premises and warehouses to protect high-value property. Some feature SmartKey technology for superior resistance to picking and bumping. When someone loses their keys, the locks are easy to re-key to secure the doors. Grade 2 and 3 locks are ideal for residential applications for both exterior and interior doors. Locks for exterior entryways are resistant to moisture and corrosion. Additional security features of entry door handles include vandalism resistance. Locks come in various styles; those that open with keys, those that open via passwords, and those that operate with both keys and passwords, depending on user preference.

Smart entry door locks support multiple user access codes. The locks are ideal for commercial settings where different members of a staff can use separate passwords to enhance security and track access. Some options support over 10 different passwords and more than 10,000 password combinations. Locks with touch screens feature smart technology that prevents people from guessing codes by looking at fingerprint patterns. To prevent tampering and guesswork, some options come with built-in alarms that go off after someone attempts to gain unauthorized entry. Programmable locks have tamper-proof inner covers to prevent access to programming buttons. Others support remote user operation and monitoring via mobile apps.

Smart locks come with durable batteries that can last for years. Options with keypads and touch screens have backlighting for ease of use in the dark. There are different entry handle sets to choose from, including latches, knobs, and thumb turns. Consider designs that allow for both right- and left-hand installations. Some door locking kits come with combination locks and deadbolts.  Home door locks come in various sizes to fit different doors. Standard options are ideal for use with doors measuring from 3.49 to 4.45 centimetres. There are many stylish colours and finishes to consider, including gold, silver, chrome, polished brass, aged zinc, and black. Door locks also come in classic and contemporary designs to match interior and exterior decor.
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Forge Saturn Entrance Door Knob - Matte Black
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