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UBERHAUS - Casters (5)

Protect floor surfaces from damage with casters. Some fit bed frames, chairs, and table legs. Wheels with stem-style mounts install easily, and they fit small diameter furniture legs. Others have mounting plates that connect to carts or dollies. While felt and glides prevent scuff marks, furniture casters offer protection and mobility. Dual-wheel models spread support and swivel for easy movement. Combining fixed and swivel industrial caster wheels makes it simple to steer carts. Models with rubber wheels resist temperature extremes and harsh chemicals. Locking units secure carts in place, enhancing worker safety.
Caster wheels are a great addition to any heavy piece of furniture because they afford ease of movement while allowing the furniture to serve its purpose. Available in many options, including one-way roll, 360-degree swivel, locking, locking swivels, and many other varieties, there are casters designed for every furniture requirement. Add these wheels to tables, chairs, sofas, and any other item that is hard to move, allowing for a smooth movement for cleaning or redecorating needs.

Casters are gaining in popularity in modern homes for the flexibility they provide in decorating tasks. Attach furniture casters to sofa legs and lock them in place for security and unlock them when it’s time to redecorate or shift furniture. Available for differing weights they’re excellent for homes, offices, and warehouses.

Use the movement provided by the swivel wheels to move heavy carts in a warehouse setting or to add ease of motion to beds. Everyday cleaning chores are easy to accomplish when you can push furniture to the side and return it when done. Add smaller wheel designs to table legs to create a moveable desk that allows work to be done wherever there is room. Industrial options for warehouse utility carts make the moving of supplies less work.

Another popular option for providing ease of movement while protecting delicate floors are felt glides. Felt pieces facilitate the movement of furniture on vinyl or wood flooring that is easily scratched or marred, avoiding possible damage from casters. Rona has a wide variety of options to add mobility to furniture and other items, making life’s daily tasks a little easier. Mix and match different pieces together to cover all the heavy furniture in a home or equipment in the warehouse.
Caster Swivel - Metal - 4''- 300 lb icon-wishlist
Caster Swivel - Metal - 4''- 300 lb
Format 4"x300LB EA
Article #01015161
Caster swivel icon-wishlist
Caster swivel
Format 2"x110LB EA
Article #01015192
Uberhaus 13-in x 4-in Wheel Dolly icon-wishlist
Uberhaus 13-in x 4-in Wheel Dolly
Format 13"x4" EA
Article #01015169
Rigid Caster - Rubber and Metal - 1 1/4'' - 33 lb icon-wishlist
Rigid Caster - Rubber and Metal - 1 1/4'' - 33 lb
Format 1 1/4"x33LB EA
Article #01015183
Caster Swivel - Metal - 4'', 250 lb icon-wishlist
Caster Swivel - Metal - 4'', 250 lb
Format 4"x250PD
Article #01015224