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Keep car repair and maintenance costs low with Rona’s wide selection of automotive hardware. Choose from an assortment of automotive fasteners, including washers, spring clips, bolts, and retainers to secure airbag housing, small engine parts, and door panels. Find outstanding automotive accessories like car floor mats, car truck liners, and truck seat covers to enhance passenger safety and comfort while keeping the car clean. Keep your trailer in excellent shape and condition with trailer accessories such as trailer wheel bearing protectors, trailer adapters, receiver pins, and clip retainers. Trailer ball mounts make towing a trailer easy.
Keeping cargo stable on the road and maintaining safety while towing a trailer is easy with the right trailer and automotive hardware. First, equip a vehicle to accommodate a trailer with a ball hitch and a mount. Find the right drop size to ensure compatibility between trailer and truck. There is also hardware such as receiver pins, retainers, and other automotive fasteners to keep mounts in place, including coupler locks and bearings for smooth performance. Add a bearing protector to prevent the entry of dust and other contaminants. Ensure other drivers know the trailer is slowing down by installing tail lights and connecting them to a wire-harness. Some use four-way connectors, while others use seven-way, and adapters are available to bridge the gap. Add further visibility with brightly coloured, stick-on reflectors. Consider wheel chocks that sit beneath trailer wheels to help prevent rolling.

Other types of trailer hardware include couplers to fit over ball hitches and repair kits with components for fixing gate latches and lug nuts that hold tyres in place. For additional safety, add a tail light protector to shield lights from the elements and road hazards. Haul other types of cargo by installing a bike rack or a tailgate extender.

Apart from trailering applications, there are also many other pieces of automotive hardware to keep vehicles running smoothly. Select from replacement components, such as blade fuses and spark plugs, to deliver power to lights and to ensure reliable engine starting. Use a car battery as a back-up power source by connecting a power inverter to convert DC to AC. Alert other vehicles with an emergency strobe light or stick-on indicator to let them know a vehicle is slow-moving.

Keep vehicles and trailers protected from road wear with cleaning and maintenance supplies. Maintain interiors and exteriors with wash and wax treatments, rim spray cleaners, and wipes that leave a protective coating and finish on vinyl and plastic surfaces.
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Spyder Mach-Blue Goo Metal Cutting Lubricating Gel - 6-oz
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