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Halloween Projectors (0)

The projectors available at RONA in our selection of Halloween lighting and special effect products will help you transform your basic Halloween décor into a real haunted house worthy of a horror movie.

You will have your very own animated light show on your home’s walls and give goosebumps to all the passers-by. Realistic projections, shivers and dread are guaranteed!
Our Halloween projectors will allow you to take your decoration on step further by projecting animated light shows and emitting terrifying sounds that will attract everyone’s attention and make even the most courageous ones tremble.

Project lightning and thunder on your tombstones and homemade cemetery, or even skulls or eyes on your walls covered with giant spiders. Combined with our inflatable decorations, decorative accessories, and candles and lanterns, the Halloween projectors available at RONA will help you create the perfect décor this fall.

Do not forget to take a look at our outdoor extension cords and timers to make the installation and operation of our projectors easy and automatic.