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HOLIDAY LIVING - Fog Machines (3)

Fog machines allow you to add the final touch to your Halloween décor and give an effect so gloomy and blood curdling that even the bravest visitors will be scared.

RONA offers a selection of fog machines in its new Halloween department, under the lighting and special effect section.
Transform your tombstones and homemade cemetery into a scene coming straight out of horror movie, or welcome visitors who come knocking on your door in a foggy entrance. Enough to sow doubt and fear among the most courageous ones!

Use a strobe light with your fog machine to give an effect worthy of a real haunted house. Your décor will give goosebumps to all your visitors and neighbours, we guarantee it!

The outdoor extension cords and timers available at RONA will let you install your machine where you want and activate it at the time of your choosing.

You just have buy fog machine liquid and you are ready to go. Now, all you need to do is wait for those who will be brave enough to come to your door!
Mini Silver Fog Machine - 400 W icon-wishlist
Mini Silver Fog Machine - 400 W
Format 125V-4AM-400W
Article #23035054
Holiday Living Timer Control for Fog Machine icon-wishlist
Holiday Living Timer Control for Fog Machine
Article #23035747
Fog Machine Solution - 1.36 L icon-wishlist
Fog Machine Solution - 1.36 L
Format 32OZ
Article #5193001