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Fine sanding
Sanding of painted surfaces to remove visible transitions with fine emery linen or a sanding fleece. Time-consuming manual sanding is no longer necessary.
Filling gauge
Indicates the filling level of the dust container of vacuum cleaners.
Filing machine
The filing machine is a power tool used for chip removal from material. The multi-cutter machine tool executes a straight-line or pendulum-type stroke motion. The most common version is as a stationary machine.
Fixation by clamps or clips
Sanding sheets on finishing sanders can be attached quickly and effortlessly by spring-loaded steel clips. However, sanding sheets with velcro backing have become widely accepted as an alternative to this type of attachment.
Flat biscuits
These are special elliptical pieces of laminated wood which come in various sizes used for connecting wooden components. Flat biscuits are inserted into grooves cut into the wood and ensure an invisible and stable connection.
Flat biscuit stop
An accessory which helps adjust and maintain an equal distance of the flat biscuit from the outside edge. This adjustment allows the cutting of grooves with an angle of 45° to 90°.
Flat chisel
Chisel with a flat cutting edge. The width of the chisel edge differs in various chisel versions.
Flat jet
Term designating a wide jet, e.g. on a high-pressure cleaner.
Flexible coupling
Articulated connecting piece between the machine drive shaft and the application tool, for example on screwdrivers, tappers and articulated sanding dics.
Flow rate
The speed with which a liquid substance of a specific volume flows through a pipe with a defined diameter.
Filter materials
Application and purpose determine which filter material should be used. Usually, filters are made of specially treated, impregnated paper, fibreglass or synthetic fleece, or textile or metal mesh.
Frequency converter
Frequency converters convert one frequency to another (e.g. 50 Hz to 300 Hz).
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