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Gift Card Balance Inquiry

Wondering how much is left in your RONA Gift Card? Check your balance here.

If your RONA gift card number has 16 digits and starts with 628066, Please call the following phone number : 877-781-9290

Note: If your gift card remains at a $0 balance for 90 days, our system will deactivate your card number, and an error message will appear.

Locate your Gift Card Number and PIN

Physical Cards:
Locate your gift card number on the back of your card. For your PIN, simply scratch off the metallic strip.

Card Back Pin Number
What types of gift card options does RONA offer?
Plastic gift cards: Sold at any RONA store and at Rona.ca. Online orders may take 3-5 business days through FedEx.
How do I check my gift card balance?
Gift card balance can be checked online here, by calling 877-781-9290 or by visiting the nearest RONA store.
Can I use my RONA gift card at Lowe's and/or Réno-Dépôt?
Not at Lowe's, but you can use your RONA card at Réno-Dépôt.
Can I reload my RONA gift card?
Yes. RONA gift cards are reloadable only in store.
Can I use my physical plastic RONA gift card online?
Does my RONA gift card expire?
No. RONA gift cards do not expire.
How long does it take for my RONA gift card to be shipped to me?
Shipping time varies by location. Our regular delivery times could be between 3-5 business days.
Can I use RONA gift card to make purchases through contact centres?
No. We do not accept RONA gift cards as a tender of payment through contact centres at this point.
Can I use a RONA gift card to purchase additional gift cards?
No. Gift cards can’t be used as a tender to purchase additional gift cards.
What happens if I lose my RONA gift card?
As per our policy, we do not replace lost or stolen gift cards.
Can I convert my merchandise return card into a RONA gift card?
No. As per our policies, we can’t convert merchandise return cards into a RONA gift card.
What are the terms and conditions related to the use of RONA gift cards?
By activating and/or using this gift card (the Card), you agree to the terms and conditions specified herein, which may be modified by RONA Inc. (RONA) without notice in accordance with applicable laws. The Card can be used on several occasions, up to its total value (in Canadian dollars), to make purchases of goods or services at participating RONA and Réno-Dépôt banner stores. The Card cannot be converted into cash, is non-refundable (except in Quebec, where any balance of $5 or less can be refunded upon request by the consumer), and cannot be used to make payments on a line of credit or credit card account or to purchase other gift cards. RONA may not be held responsible for replacing or honouring this card if lost, stolen, or damaged. RONA reserves its right to cancel the Card or otherwise restrict its use if it has reason to believe that the use of the Card is unauthorized, fraudulent, or otherwise illegal. The Card has no cash value until activated by RONA or a participating store, is not subject to any fees, and has no expiry date. Use this Card issued by RONA as cash. To check your card balance, please call 1- 877-781-9290.