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CIPRIANI - Floor Tiles (1)

Create a bold statement in your living space with premium floor tiles. Most often used for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that see a lot of moisture, this flooring option holds up to lots of wear. Ceramic tiles are available in your choice of multiple finishes, textures, and colours. You can even pair them with matching or contrasting wall tiles for a more cohesive look. Installation is simple for both professionals and DIY homeowners, especially if you use such timesaving products as self-adhesive wall tiles, which reduce the number of steps in your project.
Renovate home areas with floor tiles featuring elegant and durable materials like porcelain, ceramic, and marble. Most models are suitable for interior and exterior use, which is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and backyard areas. Exposure to sunlight doesn’t affect the tiles, so they don’t need shade for long-term use without losing colour. The durable material can withstand plenty of physical impact, making them suitable for busy establishments with lots of customers, or heavy-traffic home areas. To select tiles that won’t lose their shiny finish after long-term use, look for porcelain and ceramic tiles with a fade-resistant characteristic. 

Versatile ceramic floor tiles don’t burn, so dropping cigarette ash on the floor doesn’t leave a mark. Many models are suitable for floor and wall installation. Most Wall-Deco and Listello tiles feature mosaic patterns in light and dark colours for variety and allow for creativity when matching styles and colours in the home bathroom. The anti-static feature makes them comfortable to walk on, plus it’s a pet-friendly benefit. The solid and smooth texture of ceramic, porcelain, and marble materials requires little maintenance for a mirror-like effect, providing homeowners with an impressive look for visiting guests.

Most ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are suitable for kitchen areas because it’s easy to clean up a wine spill or a food drop. Beige tiles are especially trendy due to their compatibility with most colour schemes and furniture styles. The ceramic tiles are also moisture-resistant, which makes them a smart choice for bathroom areas, except with select glaze-finish models.

Various textures and aesthetic features of tiles simplify the process of matching them to home decor, whether it’s modern or classic. Ceramic flooring is also an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials, so many businesses go with the natural option to make a statement. It’s also easy to install and replace tiles when necessary without making a huge mess. Browse multiple tile dimensions and pack options to accommodate personal needs for a flooring project at home or at work.
Cipriani Carrara 12-in x 24-in x 9-mm Marble White Glazed Porcelain Tiles - 8/box icon-wishlist
Cipriani Carrara 12-in x 24-in x 9-mm Marble White Glazed Porcelain Tiles - 8/box
Format 15,38SFx8BX-12x24"
Article #43095076