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Wood and Cork (0)

Wood flooring and laminates are excellent options for durability and longevity. These flooring types have a damage-resistant surface that withstands daily wear and tear. The compressed fibre board and plastic core construction of laminates offer design versatility and stability. Their wood veneer provides the look of wood with the durability of laminate. Cork flooring provides comfort and strength with the added benefit of sound reduction. Adding the proper subfloors and underlay provides an extra layer of comfort and stability and moisture control and sound absorption.
Wood flooring comes in various forms, including engineered wood and solid wood designs. Solid wood planks from hardwoods such as oak, ash, maple, and birch are durable. Their designs make them easy to install using nails. Options that come pre-oiled, varnished, and pre-finished are ready to use after installation for quick project completion. Planks with coatings have superb water and wear resistance, so they’re suitable for homes and business premises. They’re  easy to clean and maintain because of their smooth surfaces. Engineered wood floor planks come in various attractive designs. Each plank has several layers of wood derivative and laminate glued together to form robust units. They’re easy to install thanks to their precise grooves and tongues that interlock together, so users can link them without using nails or glue. Select wood floor planks feature lumber that comes from sustainable forests to prevent environmental degradation.

Cork is another attractive material for flooring. It has a soft, luxurious feel, and the material offers a firm grip to prevent slipping. Cork flooring has excellent insulation and soundproofing qualities. The material also repels allergens and is easy to maintain. Cork and wood planks come in various finishes; glossy options add a bright feel, while non-glossy designs offer a natural, rustic look. Besides the various natural wood and cork designs, there are different shades to consider, including sepia, brown, grey, and nickel. Most options can withstand changes in humidity and temperature and still keep their original appearance. Re-sandable wooden planks offer users the option to renew the looks of their floors from time to time.

Floor planks are available in different thicknesses; some are ½ or ¾ inches thick for excellent structural strength. Choose from options of various lengths and widths. It’s easy to cut cork and wood flooring to cover large or compact spaces. You can also find other construction and flooring supplies, such as carpets, nails, porcelain tiles, and grout.