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SOOZIER - Vinyl/Rubber Products (1)

Combine purpose with security by adding vinyl moulding to any home. Vinyl and rubber moulding are available in many sizes, and they work well to give traction in areas that may pose slip hazards. Rubber edging and vinyl edging such as cove base provide a waterproof edge to areas that don’t require paint. Mix moulding with aluminium for carpet products on stairs to get a clean look and to help make them safer. Consider ceramic tile products for a different effect.
Vinyl moulding is a great alternative to traditional hardwood moulding. It’s more affordable and a good way to add an interesting architectural detail to a room or space that is otherwise plain. Vinyl and rubber moulding are available in a wide variety of colours and designs, and they can be nailed down like wood. Unlike wood, they’re not subject to splitting and warping. There is a range of sizes available, and it’s simple to cut them to size to fit the needs of your project using a standard utility blade. Many types can also be glued. 

Vinyl and rubber edging products such as cove base and baseboard help protect the bottoms of walls from common blemishes that occur as the result of vacuum cleaners bumping them, carts running into them, and people kicking them by accident. They also bring a finished look, as they cover the space where the wall meets the floor. Rubber and vinyl are durable, and suited to the busiest areas in commercial and residential applications, resisting scuffs, marks, fading, and cracking. Vinyl moulding does not shrink or separate from the wall. Because the material is so flexible, it fits against curved walls. Vinyl edging is slightly less expensive than its rubber counterpart because it’s not quite as flexible and is slightly more prone to scuffs. 

Because of the durability of rubber and vinyl, these products have an expected lifespan of 10 to 15 years. The colour is homogeneous throughout, meaning that any scuffs or marks that occur are less noticeable than they may be with other materials. These lower maintenance requirements mean a saving of money and an installation that looks better for longer.
Soozier Black 0.25-in x 47.25-in x 86.5-in Flexible PVC Sheet Multipurpose Flooring icon-wishlist
Soozier Black 0.25-in x 47.25-in x 86.5-in Flexible PVC Sheet Multipurpose Flooring
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