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NEOPRO - Runners (2)

Use carpet runners as a way to accent any space or protect high traffic areas from normal wear and tear. They work well for covering stairs and entryways to extend the life of the flooring. With a wide variety of choices, you can match any decor or create one. Floor runners work equally well as doormats, accent pieces, and protective coverings. Consider runners made of olefin, vinyl, polyester, and more to cover home flooring and commercial carpets. Choose clear carpet runners, or select from an exciting collection of patterns, textures, and designs.
Decorate entryways, hallways, staircases, and other interiors and exteriors with runners. They’re available in elegant designs that add warmth and colour, while protecting residential and commercial floors from wear and tear. They also prevent dirt, debris, and moisture from spreading. Choose from a wide variety of colours, including black, grey, ivory, brown, blue, and tan, among others. Some feature stylish designs with geometric or floral patterns.

These tough, durable carpet runners can withstand high foot traffic. Synthetic materials such as olefin, polyester, and nylon are resistant to mildew, fading, and stains. They can absorb moisture, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Cotton rugs are soft and comfortable. Thick wool options have a cozy feel and have sound absorption capabilities. Wool, hemp, and aloe options come handwoven with robust backing for longevity. Other fabric designs feature different grooved textures and others have twin-rib surfaces. Some have needle punch or sisal-style woven surfaces. Their high density weaves with closely knit fibres enhance their strength.

Runners with nonslip latex or gel foam anti-skid backing stay on floors and are suitable for areas with high foot traffic, including offices. They help minimize accidents, making homes safer for children and pets. Plaited rugs come without adhesive backing, and their classy designs include lively and neutral colours. Flexible natural rubber backing keeps floors and carpets clean and dry and provides extra cushioning to increase user comfort.

Mount clear vinyl mats on carpets to protect them from debris, dirt, and water without obscuring the elegant designs of floor coverings. These mats stay in place and are scratch-resistant. Floor runners are easy to clean and maintain, whether by vacuuming, machine washing, beating, or scrubbing, depending on the material. Choose from a wide range of sizes for areas such as small hallways. Rectangular, circular, and oval carpets are also available to use as doormats.
Neopro Neoprene Reusable Floor Runner - 27-in x 100-ft icon-wishlist
Neopro Neoprene Reusable Floor Runner - 27-in x 100-ft
Article #330773961
Neopro Neoprene Reusable Floor Runner - 27-in x 12-ft icon-wishlist
Neopro Neoprene Reusable Floor Runner - 27-in x 12-ft
Article #330773959