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TECHNOFLEX - Grass Rugs (1)

Get the look of real grass without mowing or watering with grass rugs from Rona. They’re available in a variety of shades and lengths to suit any space. Made for indoor and outdoor use, they are soft and provide a layer of cushion on a concrete floor or wooden deck, and are ideal as carpeting, or as doormats.

This grass flooring features durable materials designed for long-lasting use. It’s easy to maintain, and ideal for use at home, or on the campsite. Browse rugs and commercial carpets to choose a style that suits your tastes and needs.
Add comfort and a pop of colour to a patio, deck, he-shed, or an interior room with grass rugs from Rona. Use them as a fun place for your furry friends to lounge, decorate a terrace for an event, or install them permanently. These floor rugs feature durable materials such as polypropylene, 8-filament polyester, and artificial fibers, making them easy to care for and maintain.

Grass mats with a dual-blade system that features green and brown turf create a realistic look. These make visually appealing, low-maintenance additions to country clubs, sports bars, or sporting goods stores. There are rugs in a variety of lengths and widths to suit most spatial dimensions.

Browse grass flooring with a latex or high-performance woven synthetic carpet backing that adds durability and longevity. These backings also provide stability to help prevent slipping and sliding on interior and exterior spaces. Carpet rugs are ideal for adding a fun theme to a kid’s room or playroom. Give a bathroom a luxurious feel with a grass bathmat to keep feet warm. Or, use these rugs to protect existing carpet or flooring in a pet sleeping or eating area. Most clean up with a spray hose, so dirt, mud, and pet messes easily wash right off. To keep grass flooring more sanitary, use easy-clean, durable plastic boot trays that allow friends, family, and guests to clean their shoes before walking indoors or on grass carpeting.

Temporarily install grass rugs on beach sand, an uneven backyard, or at the campground to add a layer of stability. The extra layer helps even the ground and is ideal for placement of dining sets, tables, and chairs at events such as barbecues, luaus, and weddings. Installing a grass rug on a deck or patio adds a lush look to the surroundings while providing a soft place to walk or sit.
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Tech No Grass Rubber Artificial Grass Tile - 2.78 sq ft
Format 2.78SF
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