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Cover your floors with durable carpets to create warm interiors. Fabric options with latex backing offer extra comfort, thanks to their soft designs. Choose from different textures, shades, and tints, including bright, classic, and earthy colours to match your decor. These flooring carpets and rugs are made from long-lasting polypropylene, polyester, or nylon synthetic fibres. Their surfaces are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Waterproof options are available for both indoor and outdoor use. Some options can withstand heavy foot traffic in commercial settings. Consider using doormats on entryways to protect floors, boost cleanliness, and decorate your home.
Use carpets for a soft and warm underfoot experience, while protecting floors. Extend the life of flooring in entryways, decks, and stairs by minimizing wear, tear, moisture, and dirt exposure. Carpet has insulation and sound absorption capabilities to optimize energy use and minimize noise. They also provide convenient cushioning, so children can play on the floor comfortably and safely. Carpet is available in a wide range of natural colours that blend with different decors.

Carpet comes in a variety of surfaces, including saxony, barber, textured, and commercial grade plush designs. They are suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Waterproof designs are ideal for outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, sheds, and sunrooms, and indoor spaces such as basements. There are many installation options. Use wall to wall to cover imperfect floors. There are square and rectangular options of varying sizes, and rolls measured per linear foot with bound edges. These are also easy to cut to custom fit in rooms of different shapes. Consider using cut pile carpet for stairs to prevent snagging. You can pull it up and move it when relocating.

Look for sturdy synthetic materials that resist stains. Some repel and resist moulds and bacterial growth for healthy interiors. Polypropylene options can withstand some bleach cleaning solutions. Polyester designs have a soft wool-like feel and high densities, thanks to their closely knit fibres. They can withstand high foot traffic in areas.

To complement carpeting, select from a wide range of rugs, including machine, handwoven, and tufted options with stylish textures. They have backing materials such as action backs and latex which are stable and do not stretch. Some backings have non-slip properties, and are ideal for areas where many people, children, or pets use. Other types of flooring include grass rugs for outdoor use.
RubberBox Fitness - 300-in x 48-in - 100 sq ft - Black, flecked Grey icon-wishlist
RubberBox Fitness - 300-in x 48-in - 100 sq ft - Black, flecked Grey
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