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Grain Shovels and Scoops (2)

Feeding pets and livestock is easier with our grain shovels. Many feature measurement markings for providing correct portions, preventing over- or under-feeding. Grain and feed scoops work hand-in-hand with other ranch equipment. Use scooping tools to fill farm carts. Pour grain and feed for chickens, pigs, and other livestock into heavy-duty utility buckets for easy transportation to feeding stations. We have everything you need to care for and feed large and small animals.
Feed Scoop - 2.7 L - Assorted Colour icon-wishlist
Feed Scoop - 2.7 L - Assorted Colour
Format 2.7L
Article #32905000
Poly Grain Scoop #12, ergonomic, 30.25 icon-wishlist
Poly Grain Scoop #12, ergonomic, 30.25"
Format 30.25"
Article #97738642