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Rumen Magnets (2)

Rumen magnets help cattle farmers prevent hardware disease in the herd. When cows eat small pieces of metal such as screws and wire, it can lead to numerous digestive issues and other health problems. Administered using a bolus gun these hardware disease magnets capture these small pieces and helps them pass out of the cow's digestive system. This prevents them from causing more damage. Along with hoof and leg care and coat care products, these magnets help maintain healthy livestock.
Rumen Magnet - 3-Pack icon-wishlist
Rumen Magnet - 3-Pack
Format 3PK
Article #33965026
Rumen Magnet - 3/4 icon-wishlist
Rumen Magnet - 3/4" x 3" - 12 Pack
Format 3/4"x3"
Article #97739173