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Dehorners (3)

Safely remove horns from goats, cattle, and other livestock with a range of dehorners. Our selection of dehorner tools includes electric and stainless steel varieties and feature quality materials like hardened steel and poly-coated grips. This equipment is long-lasting and efficient. 

We also offer an assortment of castration equipment for further livestock maintenance. Check out our first aid and treatments to ensure animals make a speedy recovery. Browse our animal care supplies for affordable and effective solutions.
Electric Dehorner - Bronze - 5/8 icon-wishlist
Electric Dehorner - Bronze - 5/8" - 110 V
Format 5/8" 110V
Article #33965002
Electric Dehorner - 110-120 V - 200 W icon-wishlist
Electric Dehorner - 110-120 V - 200 W
Article #97739244
Dehorner with Stainless Steel Handle - 13 icon-wishlist
Dehorner with Stainless Steel Handle - 13"
Format 13"
Article #33965001