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Fall Renovation Before Hibernation

Birds are flying south, and the neighbours are putting away their patio set. Now’s the time to inspect the exterior of your property and complete your maintenance work – a tip-top home will get through the winter without a hitch.

Step 1: Maximize your garage

Before stacking all the outdoor furniture in the garage, take the opportunity to freshen up the paint on the floor and optimize storage space. Adding storage boxes, shelves and other accessories allows you to store more equipment and tools.

Step 2: A winter-ready fall house

Is your home warm enough for winter? Now's the time to make sure. Caulk your doors and windows, check your thermostats and furnace. Then, to prevent your pipes from freezing in extreme cold weather, make sure your pipes are well insulated.

Step 3: Be more alert and safe

Better safe than sorry. It's wise to inspect the detectors in your home, change batteries if necessary and install fire extinguishers on every floor. Take the opportunity to check that your locks, doorbells and exterior lighting are working properly.

Step 4: Change up your decor

Winter's coming, so take advantage of this time to refresh the decor of your favorite rooms. New mouldings, a few brush strokes and the addition of lamps and light fixtures are all it takes to make any space more comfortable.