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Each month, we will select at random the winner of a $100 gift card from all those who posted a picture of their renovation project with the hashtag #EveryonesAnExpert contest

How to enter

Follow @rona.ca on Instagram
Post a picture of your renovation project with #EveryonesAnExpert
Make sure your profile is public

We will contact the winners through Instagram private messaging.

The Winners

May 2018
#EveryonesAnExpert my fence finally redone after sanding and pressure washing.
June 2018
Installed it myself and didn’t get electrocuted. 👍 #EveryonesAnExpert
July 2018
#TousExperts @rona.ca Voici notre réalisation patio maison de ville ❤
August 2018
@louisette boutet
With the marvelous summer we are having, it’s so fun to enjoy our big and “perfect” deck! My husband did an amazing job with that big project! #tousexperts #everyonesanexpert
September 2018
Quand tu deviens de plus en plus habile. #jaitoutefaitetoutseul #casetient #tousexperts
October 2018
C’est un go pour les rénos! #TousExperts
November 2018
Thanks to @waiting.for.Sunday, @shlahey, @towngirl04, @johnnydyer84, @jesuisnatacha, @burinbabe et @angelaleeeeee for the wonderful photos!