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Install electrical boxes as part of any home’s wiring system. They house fixtures for lights or fans, outlets, switches, and more. When properly set up with the correct wires and connectorsdevice boxes protect the wiring that provides the electrical power that run your gadgets. There are many types, including round, octagonal, square, and rectangular. Find a full stock available, including gang, switch, outlet, device and meter boxes, and more so you can complete many electrical home improvement or repair projects.
Electrical boxes are necessary for housing connections between lengths of wire. When properly installed, they can protect internal wiring from damage, assist in grounding live wiring, and help contain sparks or other electrical malfunctions. Electrical boxes and connectors come with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification, which is an indication of their performance and safety. This certification makes them eligible for use in professional environments such as warehouses, workshops, and industrial factories.

Electrical boxes come in many forms, including outlet, lighting, gang, switch, junction, and device boxes, each with a specific function for handling electrical wiring. Find boxes primarily in galvanized steel and PVC plastic. Metal boxes are required when using metallic wire for both protection and grounding. If the wiring is non metallic, plastic or metal can be used. Make sure you review building code and electrical code requirements to purchase the correct box for the job to avoid inspection issues, and to safeguard the structure.

Choose from a variety of round and octagonal lighting boxes for installing ceiling or wall mounted lighting fixtures. Pan or flat boxes are available for flush mount fixtures, but standard boxes offer more room for wiring. Outlet boxes contain receptacles for plugging in lamps, appliances, and other electrically powered items. Look for outdoor, weather resistant boxes with GFCI that seal out moisture, and protect the receptacles. When bringing multiple wires and cable together, or installing a switch, consider gang or device boxes. These are preferably installed inside the wall, and are best used in new construction, but exterior boxes are also available. Base the size of the box by the number of switches and wiring you anticipate having.

There are a number of junction boxes available for protecting wire connections. Ideally suited for outdoor use, look for PVC boxes with covers and gaskets that keep internal connections dry, and unexposed to weather. PVC is non-corroding, non-conductive, and CSA approved. When looking at outdoor electrical accessories, consider heavy duty mast kits and spool racks that are also available.
Rectangular Device Boxes - 6-Pack icon-wishlist
Rectangular Device Boxes - 6-Pack
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Outlet Boxes
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Iberville Device Boxes - 2 1/2-in - Pack of 6
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