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Breakers are an essential component of any structure with electricity. Ranging in size from one pole to four pole units, they fit any electrical connection need. Security is a priority with electrics, so choosing the proper panel and breakers for the current used is vital. All the switches and accessories are inside the breaker panel, so choose one with optimal space. Combining the appropriate breaker panels and accessories helps ensure the safety of each structure. When managing electrical power with other overcurrent protection such as fuses, make sure they are the proper amperage.
A properly installed and maintained circuit panel is one of the most important safety features of every building supplied with electricity. Whether it uses fuses or circuit breakers, the electrical panel controls the flow of electrical current into and throughout the building. Without it, the risk of fire or electrical shock increases every time you flip a switch or turn on an appliance.

Rona’s selection of circuit breakers includes trusted brands such as Square D, Cutler-Hammer, and Siemens. These units come in a variety of amperage limits and styles to fit any job. Choose from both 1-pole and 2-pole options depending on whether you need 120V or 240V. There are also several arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) to pick from for added safety when running or replacing wiring to a bedroom.

When installing a new hot tub, air conditioning unit, or other appliance with heavy electrical needs, make sure the breaker is HCAR type so you know it can handle the load. If space is at a premium in your current project, choose a smaller breaker panel and make use of tandem breakers to carry the same amount of electricity through a smaller footprint.

Fuses work once and need replacing each time they overload. Breakers are more cost-effective because they turn off to stop the flow of electricity. Once you fix the problem, turn the switch back on and the current will flow again. Also check out the selection of switches and accessories for the supplies needed to finish a panel including labels and filler plates.
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Central Surge Protector - 12V/240V
Format 120/240V
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20A/1P GFI Circuit Breaker icon-wishlist
20A/1P GFI Circuit Breaker
Format 20AX120VX1 POLE
Article #0265042